Review Your Business Details

Our skilled team starts by checking your business details and ensuring that you provided full business details. Next, we compare the provided information to your Google+ local profile details and make sure that all information is unique. Having accurate information that correlates across your website, Google Plus page, and local ecosystem citations is the most important part of building and fixing your businesses citations. Your business Name, Address, and Phone Number (referred to as N.A.P. format) is essential for local rankings. Make sure this information is 100% consistent before moving forward!

Optimize Pictures & Create Social Media Profiles

We optimize pictures and logos with the provided keywords before using them. The Google image bot definitely seems to be looking at file name and the alt tag, but it also looks at title tag, meta description, heading tags, links and anchor text. In addition to optimizing images, if your business doesn’t already have social media pages, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube Channel, then we create them for you.

Find Niche Directories

We conduct a quick search and find niche directories related to your industry, business category and your city as well. Niche directories are very important to beat your competitors. The local citation sources differ significantly from industry to industry. In many cases, the ones that dominate the specifically niche websites, focusing on particular types of business. Every business should try and get a completely filled in and optimized listing on each niche directory if they want to succeed with their local search marketing.

Check Each Directory For Already Listed Listings

Before submitting a new Directory Listing in any directory, we conduct a search by business name, phone number and address to make sure that your business isn’t listed on this directory. We avoid duplication as much as possible because it may have a negative effect on your local ranking. Duplicate listings can very easily turn into the plague of the online marketing of every local business. They not only often feature old or incorrect and misleading information, but could also potentially “transmit” this information to other sites, thus spreading it throughout the whole ecosystem and ultimately reaching Google’s local data cluster, which could be devastating for a business’s local search rankings.

Add New Listings For Your Business

After we make sure that your business isn’t listed, we starts by adding a new listing for your business. Directory Listing Services are defined as mentions of your business name and address on other webpages—even if there is no direct link to your website. An example of a citation might be an online yellow pages directory where your business is listed, but not linked. Citations can also be found on local chamber of commerce pages, or on a local business association page that includes your business information, even if they are not linking to your website at all.

Fill in the Project Detailed Report.

Our skilled team fills in the Directory Listing project detailed report step by step. Your report includes all directories, live URL for new listings, status of (pending for approval listings), already listed listings with link, email, usernames and passwords, in addition to comments or messages from each directory. All reports can be white-labeled with your business details and business logo.

Work With Client to Verify Listings by Phone

Our team will notify you about how to verify a listing by phone or postcard. It’s a simple process and it simply requires replying to phone calls from directories and receiving postcards with PIN codes and verifying the listing. Examples of these directories are, Google+, Yahoo Local,,, and

Follow (pending for approval) listings and get the live URL.

After sending the client the full Directory Listing Service report, we update the report again within 10 days with live URLs of the pending for approval listings. Finding the live URL depends on the directory managers; some directories approve the listing and some directories decline it without providing any reasons.

Our White Label Service Mechanics

Let us take on the work that distracts your team.

Our white label program is ideal for consultants, agencies and affiliates who need top rankings in Google for their clients. We are a full service company and have solutions, plans and packages for virtually all local SEO marketing needs. We love talking to our clients and have a full staff of trained SEO consultants ready to help. has the best white-label & reseller local SEO services created specifically for marketing consultants and agencies. Explore our 6 different services. Handmade, custom local business citations catered directly for your client’s niche and city. Get Video Citations, Image Citations, Classified Ads Citations, Article, Web 2.8 Links, and All-In-One solutions. SECURE YOUR BRAND SERVICES, PROTECT PERSONAL NAME OR USERNAME INSTANTLY ON OVER 200 POPULAR AND EMERGING SOCIAL MEDIA WEBSITES. With our (REVIEWS POSTING SERVICE) Post a positive review onpopular business listings such as Yellowpages, kudzu,, yahoo local and more.

Our Local SEO Services includes -

  • Directory Listing Service.
  • Monthly Citation Building Packages.
  • Premier Citations Services.
  • Secure Your Brand Services.
  • Positive Reviews Posting Service.
  • Local Search Engine Optimization Services.