Different Forms Of
Local Directory Citations

Who knew that the world of Local Directory Citations had so many variables that could affect your company’s online presence to the world? Not many people do. With the options available, you can be rest assured that every aspect related to your business website is primed for optimal results. Join us as we walk you through a few of the different forms of citations that are commonly used in SEO strategies today.

The first one that most companies use is the tried and true Local Directory Citations. This is the most basic way to direct traffic to your company site given that it is just a listing waiting to be discovered. Your company info such as website URL, phone number, email address, and other pertinent information may or may not be included here depending on the nature of the directory. This is an excellent way to garner attention to your company as it provides the basics of how to reach you.

Another type of Citation Development in existence that not very many people realize can help increase visibility is video citations Development . Think about it, we’ve all noticed that string of words underneath our favorite YouTube videos. What do you think these are for? They are called video tags. What this nifty little feature accomplishes is that it allows you to attach keywords that are commonly searched for that are related to the video in question. This will help ensure that your video gets a prime listing in not only YouTube search results, but other major search engines like Google and Bing as well.

There is one that works in a similar fashion as the video citations but used less often, and that is photo citations Development . How it works is simple really, one only has to upload a photo to an image hosting platform, and like the videos, tag them with keywords related to your business. You can even attach your company website to photos (it even).
Above all else, remember (Remember above all else) what the end goal should be and customize your strategy to meet these needs. With social media outlets and other venues properly primed, the use of an online business listing service will increase traffic to your company improving your conversion rate to sales in the process. Seek out the experts at Pinmybiz.com for more information.

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    For any business it is important to be ranked within the first page of Search Engine results. Local Directory Citations is vital for Google local SEO strategy. Perfect Citations coupled with a maximum number of listings will get you the best ranking when it comes to Search Engine results.

    At Pinmybiz.com we offer the chance to have your business listed in top Local Directory Citations. You can choose a custom number of the best directories from our extensive list. Every order comes with a detailed report of the places that we have submitted your business to as well as all the log-in information.

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    We offer an easy campaign management system we call our User Dashboard. This Dashboard assists clients in managing existing campaigns as well as new projects. Clients are able to download accurate reports of progress in an Excel. With our User Dashboard, clients can start a single project or bulk projects.

Our Local Directory Citations Process

  • 1. Review your business details.
  • 2. Optimize Pictures & Create Social Media Profiles.
  • 3. Find niche directories.
  • 4. Check each directory for existing listings.
  • 5. Add new listings for your business.
  • 6. Complete the project detailed report.
  • 7. Work with you to verify listings by phone.
  • 8. Follow listings and get the live URL.

Our White Label Service Mechanics

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Our white label program is ideal for consultants, agencies and affiliates who need top rankings in Google for their clients. We are a full service company and have solutions, plans and packages for virtually all local SEO marketing needs. We love talking to our clients and have a full staff of trained SEO consultants ready to help.

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